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We believe in a global approach to preventive health care and deliver recognised treatments. Here are the different treatments available at the Domaine de l’Olivier.

Jacques Landrieau, shiatsu Provence


Language: French, English

Giving meaning to and supporting people with kindness have always driven him. He had the opportunity to prove this on numerous occasions as an expatriate executive for over 20 years in Europe, Africa and Asia. During his many trips and 32 relocations, he was enriched by other cultures and religions and began practicing yoga, Qi Gong and Tai Chi. 

After 3 years of training, including  traditional Chinese medicine, he decided to take a new direction and became a Shiatsu practitioner, cultivating a constant search for harmony between body, mind and spirit.

His enthusiasm led him to take up the saxophone at the age of 50 and, 3 years later, to join the band of “Harmonie des Musiciens des Sapeurs Pompiers du Var”.

Sophie Landrieau


Language: French, English, Swedish and Spanish

Sophie has been studying and working in the field of health and well-being for 30 years. As Pharm. D, she started studying plants and their effects on the body. 

As a certified coach, she helps to align body, heart and mind in a caring way. 

She also uses yoga to develop a holistic, personalised and integrative approach to long-term well-being for those she accompanies. 

Born in Cuba, she has lived in Africa, America and Asia, and aims to pass on to others the knowledge and skills she has acquired through her many experiences around the world.


Shiatsu Zen in Provence

Traditional Japanese medicine derived from traditional Chinese medicine

Fatigue, backache, stress and insomnia are all part of your daily routine?

Shiatsu aims to harmonise the body and mind energies in order to relieve physical and emotional tension caused by stress and the pace of our lives, and to rebalance the body’s energy flow.

Member of the Syndicat des Professionnels de Shiatsu-SPS

Yoga therapy

Design a personalised yoga session based on your objectives, problems and constraints, to help you maintain or regain optimal health.

A preliminary postural, respiratory and holistic study based on the tools and experience of yoga, combined with current scientific and medical knowledge.

Affiliated with Yoga Alliance International


Tired of going round in circles? Sitting in the same old patterns? Need support and practical tools to clarify your goals? Take on a new challenge? Help you remove your limiting beliefs and blocks? Want to learn about coaching? Need supervision if you are a coach?

Coaching will help you develop your potential, improve your performance and therefore take action. As a coach, I’m a partner to success who helps you  clarify situations and find ways forward by removing encountered obstacles, so that you can often go faster and further in your change process.

Affiliated with the EMCC

Mini beauty treatment and Measuring antioxidant protection

Leave with a personalised skincare routine in line with your expectations while experiencing a mini facial treatment. 

The carotenoids found in fruit and vegetables are powerful antioxidants that protect our cells against oxidative stress (= damage caused by free radicals).

Are you eating enough quality fruit and vegetables according to your genetics and lifestyle? 

A simple biophotonic skin scan gives you an overview of your overall health. Interpretation of the results and associated advice.


A tradition of well-being that originated in Finland and is practised regularly.The sauna or dry heat bath is renowned to have numerous health benefits. It’s the transition between cold and heat that provides a sense of well-being for the body, as well as the effect of the heat.

 With a dry heat of 85°c, the sauna will allow you to eliminate toxins retained in the body and will give you a feeling of fullness thanks to the release of endorphins, thus promoting sleep and relaxation.

⚠️ Be sure to hydrate regularly to replace the water lost through perspiration.

Other treatments are available on request and during your stay.


We share our discoveries to awaken your senses and contribute to something greater than yourself. Every product bought will enable you to contribute to projects we personally support within our solidarity actions. 


Kampot pepper


Cambodian gongs


Baobab cream


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Path of Life bracelets

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