a place of well-being
in Provence

“Be the change you want to see in the world” Gandhi

Sophie & Jacques,
In a nutshell

 ”Fulfilling your personal potential and growing together through sharing.” Soja

Sophie & Jacques Landrieau
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Our approach to shared well-being: why ?

Our life paths have shown us that we share the same inspiring approach to well-being for ourselves as well as for others, with a desire to act in a spirit of solidarity by supporting projects that resonate with us.Sophie has been committed to solidarity well-being since her youth,while Jacques got firstly involved in humanitarian work before getting in solidarity well-being.

Together,we continue growing, sharing, passing on and encouraging everything that contributes to a sustainable well-being for everyone, with authenticity and goodwill.

Also, the need to go further in the solidarity-based approach that has been driving us for so many years could not be achieved without looking for a place where we could live and share the values we hold dearly.

The “Domaine de l’Olivier” was a love story at first sight in 2021 and after a year and a half’s work, it has become a place of “shared well-being”.

The Domaine's history

Watch the video below to see how the “Domaine de l’Olivier” has evolved after a year and a half of work.

 A few highlights:

Our commitments

“Le Domaine de l’Olivier” is a place of shared well-being ;
It gives and inspires change.
Our aim is to maintain this balance of sharing and high standards,hoping to give you the greatest satisfaction during each stay while contributing to something greater than yourself.
In order to encourage inward-looking and rejuvenating activities,we focus on the following points:

Respect for the environment

Since the Domaine was created, the use of synthetic pesticides,insecticides and herbicides has been considerably reduced, and our upcoming Mandala vegetable garden will be completely organic. We strive to create an ecosystem that respects our surroundings.

Domaine de l'Olivier, lieu de bien-être solidaire Provence

Respect for the body

All fruits and vegetables from the garden are organic soon Cotton sheets contribute to healthy sleeping. Saltwater pool. The hygiene products come from a company that acts as a force for good.If you wish to purchase them, the profits will be donated to associations and projects we support.

Visual harmony

The materials used are chosen to perfectly blend in with the place and contribute to a zen harmony.It’s a daily process so one tiny step at a time.Our aim is to preserve the balance between nature, beauty and comfort.

Lieu de bien-être en Provence

The spirit

To give you the best satisfaction while contributing to something greater than yourself.A general atmosphere designed to be invigorating, friendly and relaxed, while maintaining mutual respect.

Our solidarity

The “Domaine de l’Olivier” is a place dedicated to well-being and solidarity in Provence. Each and every stays and product bought will enable you to contribute to projects that we personally support on the following themes:

Click here and find out more about our actions.

The Domaine de l’Olivier offers gîtes in Provence Verte to help you recharge your batteries.

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